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We offer both on-site and off-site dressage lessons.

Riding Lessons

Jenna is passionate about teaching dressage and enjoys helping students of all levels become better riders. She has students who are actively working on earning their USDF medals, as well as students who prefer to train at home and not compete.

Jenna is willing to teach anyone interested in learning dressage, whether or not it is their primary discipline. She has taught a wide range of students including children, young riders, adult amateurs, professional riders, eventers, western dressage riders, and trail riders. 


As an L Graduate with Distinction, Jenna has the opportunity to judge hundreds of horses every year at schooling shows. This experience helps her to objectively prepare her own students for their competitions.

The foundation to Jenna’s approach to teaching is the Pyramid of Training, where correct basics are always central. She works with riders to develop correct position, feel, and clear and consistent aids, which enable more effective riding. 

When teaching, she aims to give riders useful tools and strategies that are helpful when schooling on their own or when preparing for their next show. If needed, she’ll even get on a student’s horse to feel what they are experiencing. Riders never leave their lesson without a recap of the what went right, what needs improvement, a chance for questions, and their new “homework assignment.”

Jenna is a stickler for the details. She won’t hold back when teaching and wants her students to get the most out of every lesson. 


Lesson Fees

Lessons are taught on a student’s own personal horse.

Do you enjoy riding with friends? Group lessons can be arranged.

School horse coming soon! Contact us to join the waitlist.

On-Site $65

/ lesson

45 mins
Off-Site $75

/ lesson

45 mins