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We offer both full and partial dressage training.

Dressage Training

Brightwood Dressage offers partial-training and full-training packages, as well as individual sessions. The approach to training is based on the Pyramid of Training, where solid basics and understanding of the aids produce harmony between horse and rider. Horses are trained in a logical, patient, and rewarding manner. The result is a happy, healthy and willing horse. 

Training rides are approximately 45 minutes in duration, including proper warm up, a planned ride, plenty of walk breaks, and thorough cool down. Every ride is intentional with the goal to make the horse a little bit better than the ride before. From how the horse stands at the mounting block, to the quality of the transitions, nothing is overlooked.

Jenna Brown Trainer

Jenna Brown is a USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist , FEI rider, and “L” Grad w/ Distinction. She has been teaching and training professionally for over a decade, after spending many years working for high performance dressage barns in Ocala and Wellington. As a young rider, she won the GAIG USDF Region 3 Championships at PSG & I1 and in 2012, she was selected as a participant for the Dressage Foundation’s Olympic Dream Program (now known as the International Dream Program). Jenna judges 10-15 schooling shows a year and is current candidate in the USEF “r” training program.

To continue investing in her own education, Jenna attends clinics, takes lessons and enjoys scribing at shows. She has also attended many USDF educational events including the FEI Trainer’s Symposium and Instructor Certification Workshops. These programs, have helped her shape her own methodology for training and evaluating horses.

Through the years, she has had the opportunity to work with horses of all levels and breeds. She’s enjoyed working with warmbloods, crosses, Spanish horses, Arabians, draft horses, quarter horses and off-the-track thoroughbreds.  These horses may look differently, move differently and learn at different rates, but the training remains relatively the same. The principles from the dressage training pyramid can be used to train any horse correctly in dressage. 


The Training Pyramid

The dressage training pyramid, or training scale, is the foundation of all classical dressage. It provides us with a correct and time-tested approach to developing a dressage horse.

When training a horse, attention to the quality of the basics is paramount.  Those basics are outlined in the steps of the pyramid. They are: Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, and Collection. Shortcuts only lead to holes in a horse’s training and issues in the future. Being patient and insuring that a horse understands and accepts the aids is of utmost importance to developing a confident and willing horse. 


Interested in showing? Whether you wish to earn your medals or just want to enjoy the occasional schooling show, we can help! Show prep, coaching and hauling for students available.

Available for lesson clients
8 Training Rides
20 – 24 Training Rides

Training FAQs

Do you offer short term training?

Yes, we offer customized training plans. Contact us to discuss what’s right for you and your horse. 

Do You Have lesson or lease horses?

We do not have any horses available for lease at this time. We are currently in the process of acquiring a lesson horse. If you’d like to join the waitlist, send us a message!